Hungarikum House and Podium

“Our aim is not simply the traditionalism, but also to rediscover our culture and to inspire the people of today to do so too.
Those, who are interested, can meet numerous, exciting, cultural treats, from the 3D hydrogen bomb of our interactive exhibition to the costumes made from the verses of Hungarian poets, to the pop versions of the chronicles of Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos.
We are building from the traditions, but we work in the spirit of modernity.
Our goal is to draw attention on our values and to keep them alive, between the walls of this reputable building.
We would like if more and more Hungarian artists found home here, and if, by getting inspiration from our culture, more and more new Hungarian creations were born, and if a real workshop developed.”
Lea Mónika Nagy
Managing director


What is Hungarikum?

Hungarikum is a collective term indicating the record performances of the Hungarian nation, which shows a value worthy of distinction and highlighting such as the attribute, uniqueness, specialty and quality characteristic of Hungarians.

In the beginning of the 21th century a movement was organized, which aimed to systematize and sum up the Hungarian values.
After a broad societal and professional collation, the Act number XXX of 2012 concerning Hungarian national values and Hungarikums was established and declared by the Hungarian Government on the 2nd of April, 2012.

The act’s purpose is to give a legal frame to all Hungarians in order to identify and document their own values, moreover to contribute the promotion of collected values.

Look at the Hungarikum Collection that currently contains 70 hungarikums!


Hungarikum Exhibition

Is it really only the paprika, the goulash and the mere that we Hungarians are known for worldwide?
Though from America to Japan almost every child has a Rubik-cube; there is no football fan in the world that would not be familiar with the name “Puskás”; or a businessman whose pocket would not contain a Biro-pen, in case they had to sign a contract.
The Hungarian history is full of people, inventions and acts that changed the world or at least left a mark behind.
We collaborate with young industrial designers and IT experts to create an exhibition that can address the people of the 21st century, and not least that is able to deliver as much as possible from the inwardness that we are worthily proud of from our past, from our history.
Sensational interactive exhibition about our Hungarian heritage in the heart of the city centre, only 100 meters from the Danube-bank, in a stately environment, the Hungarikum House can be found.
Even our name reflects our goal to make our visitors experience the things that we, Hungarians are the most proud of with all their organs of sense.
Instead of a dusty museum exhibition, we are going to show the visitors, who are thirsty for knowledge, the thousand-year-old values of our nation in the form of an interactive exhibition built on the most modern techniques.
Going through the colorful exhibition, from the everyday objects we suddenly find ourselves in a digital encyclopedia, in the wonderful world of augmented reality (AR).
The visitors get a tablet upon arrival, with which they can scan the QR codes placed next to each installation.
They can read the information that belongs to the given person, historical event or other Hungarian heritage, on the tablet.
However with it they don’t only get a dry text, but also real experiences: they can take pictures with Lajos Kossuth, they can blow up a hydrogen bomb, or they can take virtual walks at the most beautiful places of Budapest.
They can familiarize themselves with the real Hungarikums in a way that they couldn’t do anywhere else.
The exhibition is free for Hungarian school groups.
In the future we are planning to build in additional experiences made with AR and VR technology to make it more interactive, and bringing the Hungarian history and the spirituality of the Hungarikums even closer to the people, and to make going to exhibitions “cool” again.
The exhibition was established in 2017 with the collaboration of creative designers and IT experts. It offers an unforgettable experience for everyone. We look forward to welcoming all visitors!


The Great Hungarikum Show

After the exciting educational exhibition, our viewers can experience the Hungarian humor too, on our stage.

Through the English language, (self-)ironic “Hungarikum Show” our guests can experience the authentic Hungarian humor on stage.
Within the playful and interactive show, the audience will be guest of the history teacher mom, the scientist dad, the university
student daughter, and their dog, Csini, the puli, who will guide them through the everyday life of the Hungarian people.
The play lets the viewers look into the life of an average, 21st century family, their problems and their relation with culture.
During the show we not only get to know our hosts’ personal story, but the colorful palette of our gastronomy, history, literature and customs, that are most characteristic of us, Hungarians inevitably emerges as well.
The play mocks the stereotypes that live in the heads of the foreigners of us, while smuggling in and showing the values and the heritage that we are proud of, and which we would like to show the visitors and those who wish to learn more about the Hungarians.
The Show is played in English; this is why we mainly recommend it for tourists and foreign delegations.


Hungarian language plays, musical events

Beside all of this, the visitors will have an opportunity to dive into the real Hungarian, cultural life.
In the evenings they can get to know the gems of the Hungarian literature presented by our famous artists.
From the classical works to the contemporary creations; from the works of Petőfy, Vörösmarty to pieces of Zsolt Pozsgai; they all come to life on our stage.
On our shows and musical nights it is a pleasure to greet artists such as Borbála Blaskó, Nelly Fésűs, Four Fathers, Ildikó Gaál, Ági Gubik, Róbert Koltai, Áron Kovács, András Márton, Andrea Petrik, Balázs Szirtes, Dorottya, Udvaros, Róbert Vörös and many more recognized artists.
We happily offer a place to new productions, young talents, our goal is to make more and more Hungarian artists find home here, and to make it possible to create more and more Hungarian works that were inspired by our culture.


Location: Hungarikum House
Phone: +36 1 200 19 25
Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 11:00-19:00 (last entrance: 18.00)
Ticket information:
Adult ticket: 3.000 Ft – 10€
Pensioner/ Student ticket (with a student card): 1.500 Ft – 5€
Group ticket: After 10 paid ticket, 1 free entry
Disabled ticket (with a card): free
Family ticket: After purchasing 2 adult tickets, children under the age of 7 can enter for free
School groups: the entrance is free, previous check-in is required at the email address:
Professional ticket: 1.000 Ft (Available for theatrical experts and students studying at theatrical courses)